Your challenges – our passion – for unique perfection

Sensual highlights- we have made it our utmost goal to develop and bring them to life together with you. It is particularly important for us to combine your wishes, ideas and inspirations with our experiences and genuine expertise and realize them at the highest level. Whether it may be custom made design, complete processing or a particular light management- together with our specialized partner companies we are able to offer you complete solutions matched perfectly with your wishes.


In order to realize your extraordinary, individual ideas, we will help you find an inlay that works perfectly for your project. We will then test the compatibility with the monomer and gladly create a corresponding sample for you.


In order to stage the extraordinary material compositions of our acrylic couture perfectly, carefully selected lighting technology tailored to the inlay is needed. Each plate shines in it´s own Special splendour and with the most divergent reflections and shimmers. This way we can match the specific features of the uniquely crafted acrylic glass panels to your ideas of atmosphere and optic


Latest technology enables us to offer the complete spectrum of acrylic glass processing in accordance with your specifications and wishes. We cover all areas ranging from CNC processing and laser technology to large-format thermoforming with our state-of- the art machinery- made in Germany.


In order to harmonise colours & shapes, brilliance & shimmer, light & shadows in an incomparable way, we will develop new dimensions of interior and exterior designs together with you. Next to the acrylic couture we also offer every Inlay separately. We are also happy to help you with our ideas and inspirations, if you wish to use our first-class metal meshes or metal fabrics for further Projects and fittings. No matter where creativity leads you to, we will accompany you and bring material to life.

Acrylic Couture - Acrylglas gänzlich neu inszeniert